1st September 2017

'Going for Gold', was the theme for Wolverhampton Pendeford's week-long holiday play scheme from the 14-18 August, that got off in a 'winning gospel aerobic style' led by Dionne Augustine. Children explored the race recorded in 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 under five headings – Prepare, Choose, Endure, Focus and Success (and Nothing less with God as the ultimate coach).

They also learned about British athletes such as Eric Liddell, Harold Abrahams, gold1Laura Trott, Andy Murray, Mo Farah who overcame much yet achieved gold medals. The theme song – 'Now we're running the race with Jesus', embedded the theme with pep talks and was accompanied by choreography led by Daniella Nygwena.

With 15 CRB checked staff volunteers, Anna-lee Fyffe's vision of successfully working and connecting with families from the local community to create memories to embrace and share took place. About 33 youngsters, aged 6-14, attended the play scheme from 10:00 am - 3:30 pm, which featured arts and crafts such as badges, T-shirt, torch, bag making, car making, scrapbooking; baking gold3cookies and blending healthy smoothies. The children were kept active with Olympic-style games and swimming, and the highlight was the creation of feature films and photography led by Dalton Sutherland and Paul South respectively. The activities brought lots of laughter and truly captured fun which was experienced by all.

Special thanks to the play scheme team ‒ Claudine Barrett, Tarah Smith, Ingrid Miller, Jessica Lawerence, Lenesha Wood, Ellioka Antionous, Norma Dockery, Elliaden Antionious, Odelyn Costley, Elicia Taylor, Paris McKenzie, Aliyah Pearce, Norma Dockgold4ery and Shanda Reid. 

One parent gave her feedback, "Your play scheme is fab and all your staff are so friendly. If you do this scheme again next year, our kids would come again!"

So, if you are on the lookout for an awesome summer holiday play scheme in the Wolverhampton area that is affordable, with very good to excellent ratings, and with a difference come rain or shine ‒ register your interest and join the waiting list via email to going4gold7@gmail.com.


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