10th May 2017

Stop your crying! It'll be alright…just take His hand…hold it tight! Sounds familiar? No not exactly the lyrics from a well-known cartoon, but an emphatic and encouraging admonition which provided the perfect springboard into Dr Patrick Herbert's 'Fill My Cup' evangelistic series which ran from 22 April to 6May 2017 at the Great Brickkiln Street church, Wolverhampton.

Dr Herbert presented the gospel of Christ from the perspective, that to live a life without Christ is to live a life unfulfilled. Each sermon was compact with searching questions but also relevant answers to the real dilemmas we face in life today. With piercing conviction, enthused by the Holy Spirit, Herbert challenged the mixed congregation, of members and visitors from the community, to allow Christ to fill 'our cups' with His love, compassion, joy, and His character.

Each night the prelude to the sermon was a quiz for both young and old. Prize-giving night toward the end of the meetings proved enjoyable as one of our youngster's won the title 'The Fill My Cup evangelistic series' undisputed champion'. Other prizewinners were equally satisfied, as they had scored points each evening that made them worthy victors.

Anne-Marie Herbert ably supported her husband in song especially when the appeal to commit to Christ was made. Dr Herbert made it clear that "each step to Christ is a step doc11of faith in Jesus. God does not call anyone to make a leap." With that statement, a baptism was set for Sabbath 6 May to close the series. Any baptism on a Sabbath is special, but on this Sabbath the congregation of Great Brickkiln Street had as the penultimate preacher, guest Dr Jeff Brown, General Conference Ministerial Secretary, who also was a former pastor for GBK. It was a welcome surprise addition to the series as Dr Brown preached under the title of 'Sing Anyhow!' His message complemented the previous messages given and when the appeal was made several people rose to express their intention to be baptised, one young man decided that this Sabbath was to be the day.

The close of this series was too good to miss, it seems, as other guests such as Pastor George Kumi (NEC Ministerial Association Secretary) along with Pastor Samuel Appiah (Area 6 Area coordinator), were present in the congregation. Their presence added to the sense of celebration that the GBK church enjoyed.

For Gideon Janssen doc51it was a day he would never forget! After he was immersed in baptism he was later presented with a special edition 125th anniversary Steps to Christ book from Dr Jeff Brown. It was the "best thing that has ever happened to me", Gideon remarked, which incidentally was the title of Pastor Herbert's closing sermon! God really knows how to tie things up!


[Joseph Higgins]


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