More than a Baptism!

8th February 2018

Baptisms are always a special occasion and when one in particular is planned to be held after the close of Sabbath, the joyous circle of worship couldn't be more complete.  On 25 November at the Great Brickkiln Street (GBS) Seventh-day Adventist church in Wolverhampton, three precious candidates, Rachel Wootton, Karlene Bailey and Richard Campbell, stood boldly before family, friends, relatives, well-wishers, church members, ready to publicly declare their convicted commitment to follow Christ.

Church pastor Dr Patrick Herbert's message was entitled 'More Than A Modification' and was replete with spiritual nuggets.  Like a master chef, Pastor Herbert laid out the 'hors d'oeuvres', that the effect of sin in this world is one of deterioration and degeneration. Throughout human existence, humanity has sought to find some remedy but has failed miserably.  In Pastor Herbert's 'main course' he carved a description of the human experience that showed its general course from new to old.  Fashion, technology and society constantly seeks to reinvent itself only to find that whatever 'new' it produces becomes 'old' as something else soon replaces it. 

Then the 'dessert' came as Pastor Herbert brought to the table the 'sharon fruit' of Scripture – Jesus Christ.  In Jesus 'old things pass away' and 'new things' arise.  Pastor Herbert emphasised that the 'new life' in and with Jesus is not a modification of the old life into something new, or resembles those mobile tariffs with 'bolt-ons' but it is in reality a 'new way of living' in Christ Jesus.

Nevertheless, this baptismal occasion will be remembered not just for the preaching, nor the beautiful solo rendition of 'Be Still My Soul' and a quartet's emotive interpretation of 'Through the Blood'.  It will be remembered for Karlene Bailey's heart and soul solo lead in the song 'I Won't Turn Back!' which she sang whilst walking to enter into the baptismal pool. 

With GBK's Sanctuary Choir in full backing support the battle charge-like song cemented every believer's commitment to follow the precepts of our Lord till He returns in glory!  The day was indeed 'More than a baptism!'


[Joseph Higgins]


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