NEC Camp Meeting 2017

16th August 2017

If you did not attend the North England Conference (NEC) Camp Meeting 2017, you surely missed out on a blessing you would not find anywhere else.

With over 1300 members attending, we praise God for the tremendous success of the camp meeting. This camp meeting marked an introduction of the new and current administration and a return to Southport Pontins which had hosted previous camp meetings. What was evident from the outset was the excitement and expectancy from the attendees. In retrospect the anticipation stemmed from the amount of publicity this event had received throughout the churches in the previous months leading up to the event.

To set the tone of the week the NEC Camp Meeting’s Opening Ceremony began with a prayer march around the entire camp site. The procession was led by a Drum Corps and a squadron of Pathfinders from all around the NEC. The Camp Meeting Prayer Team and intercessors, the NEC President Pastor Richard Jackson and ministerial team members ministered through prayer, while special guests and campers sang thunderously as they marched together, stopping at designated stations for prayer. The objective was to consecrate the campsite through prayer and singing, and claim it as the Lord’s territory for Camp Meeting week.

Earnest prayer for Camp meeting continued throughout the week started each day with an early morning devotional session.  The Praise team ministered to the attendees through song and enhanced this special prayer service before the prayer sessions and devotionals on nurturing each other and winning another began. Over 200 attendees got up at early to attend the service. The NEC Camp Meeting Prayer team led by Pastor Victor Marshall,  NEC Area Prayer Coordinatorsand other intercessors prayed for requests which had been placed in the prayer box and written on a prayer scroll.  All attendees where encouraged to make us of the prayer room which was visited daily by the members.


Pastor Ainsworth Keith Morris, the Power Hour speaker enthused  “ I praise God for the opportunity received to attend and preach at the North England Conference Camp meeting.  It was an awe-inspiring experience. I attended not only as a preacher but a worshipper and learner. I was blessed by the presentations of Dr. Bertram Melbourne and Pastor Glen Samuels. It was a  signal  honour to be part of that amazing spiritual revival.  I hope that those who attended and listened to the messages came away recognising the nearness of Christ’s coming and that each of us has a personal responsibility to accept that love of God expressed in Jesus Christ.  We also have a corresponding responsibility having received that love and light of God, to share it with others.”


Pastor Richard Jackson succinctly summarised “The Lord has been good to us in that we were fed by the word of God through all the speakers that were invited. The people left Camp Meeting with many spirit filled messages especially from our keynote speaker Pastor Glen Samuels who reminded us on Sabbath morning that even though we may go through many trials and tribulation, we need not worry because ‘After These Things’ taken from the book of Revelations, we will be victorious.


For our other speakers especially those in the Youth and Teen programmes, I want to say thank you for your ministry, feedback from the young people emphasised that they had been spiritually blessed by what they had heard.

Once again I would like to thank all the members of the NEC for their prayers during the 50 days of prayer leading up to Camp Meeting, and for the generous offerings that were received. As Camp Meeting 2017 has now concluded, I would like to remind you of our theme which is to nurture each other and win another so that we can Extend God Kingdom, I hope that I will see you at Camp Meeting next year.”

[Lungani Sibanda and Yvonne Chambers]


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