20th April 2017

On 31 March another important step in the progress for Campus Ministries took place in the NEC. Adventist Students on Campus (ASC) Presidents, NEC ASC Advisory members and pastors from churches that have ASCs in their district converged on the NEC office for a meeting to discuss the journey so far and the way forward. 

Ministry on public university campuses is best conducted when there is a three-way partnership between the local society on campus, the local church and the Conference. The Conference is able to network the various societies and provide regional cohesion as well as training and resourcing, then the society becomes the hands, feet and visible presence on campus. However, the connection between this and the local church is vital together with the support of the ministers.

During the morning programme the history of campus ministry in the NEC was presented as well as an overview of the current structure. Students that were present were able to talk about the challenges they faced. We were also afforded the time to explore further opportunities together and to build the relationships amongst the team. All the pastors present were given IMG_0733new pins that denote their role as a Campus Chaplain for the ASC society that is in their district.

As we move forward we hope and pray that the students in the NEC may get the support that they need from the church family, the pastors and the Conference. These students constantly need the prayers of the church during these important years of their lives. 

Adventist Students on Campus can be followed on Facebook @adventiststudentsoncampus and Twitter @adventistsc.


[Adam Ramdin]


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