19th January 2017

On Sunday 15 January 2017, the North England Conference (NEC) had its first officer training under the new administration with great support from lay members and pastors. About 600 people came from around the Conference to glean information pertinent to their church office. This is a first for the NEC, having all departments deliver training at the same time in the same venue.

According to NEC Personal Ministries, Church Planting and Church Growth direunspecified6ctor Pastor Mike Simpson, he said "This centralised training has been a long time coming and it was so good to see the team together in one place delivering ‒ I believed the day went very well. Hopefully the team will have some time to assess the day and put forward some positive proposals for 2018. There is one thing that we can do almost immediately and that is start looking for a larger venue and secure it at once."

This was a greatunspecified5 success indeed not only because it was an opportunity for new officers to be equipped and armed with an arsenal of new skills, it was also a day to fellowship and network.

The success of this event shows a willingness by the members of the Conference of working together to ensure success.

[Lungani Sibanda]


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