2nd November 2017

It was a time of fellowship, praise and worship as over two thousand North England Conference (NEC) members and visitors attended the NEC Day of Fellowship at the Symphony Hall concert venue in Birmingham. The hall, usually used for major concerts and events, was transformed on Sabbath 28 October into a place for the proclamation of the Word through dynamic preaching and soul-stirring performances through a number of groups and choirs.

Under the theme 'Remembering the Reformation', the events of the special service commenced at 9:15 am with the _JAL1275focus being on biblical discussion on 'The Historical Perspective – The Just Shall Live by Faith'. This excellent presentation was led by Dr Nick Miller, professor of Church history at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University, Michigan. He was able to break down the important concepts of one of the key elements in the Protestant Reformation, being righteousness by faith.

Music featured strongly in a good line-up of musicians and artistes such as Trio, IMG_5823and a specially formed Reformation Mass Choir that lighted up the platform both in angelic attire and in harmonious voice.

Pastor David Asscherick was the main speaker for the service. He currently pastors the Kingscliff Seventh-day Adventist church in Chinderah, Australia, and dynamically shared the tenants of Luther's five Solas with a gifted clarity.

The special Day of Fellowship being in Birmingham was no oversight, as the NEC has chosen the city as the main thrust for evangelism named Mission to the Cities (MTTC) – Birmingham. Pastor Jeff NicholsoIL4A3623n, who has been spearheading this initiative, has reported a tremendous response to a number of pioneering events which have taken place, one of which is Hope Radio which has brought together both ministers and laity in producing top quality programmes for the community and worldwide viathe first three stages of the Cycle of Evangelism. Churches have been active in making friends in their local communities, primarily through health expos, cooking classes, clothes sales and the Reversing Diabetes programmes. Other events we have seen have been the Aeolians Concert and the diabetes weekly talks on 'Reversing Diabetes' which have continued through the current 8-week follow-up for reversing dIMG_5868aiabetes."

The NEC Day of Fellowship therefore was the culmination of these series of events for 2017.

In the afternoon programme, some of the pioneering evangelistic efforts were highlighted and attendees were able to hear first-hand the impact that has been made, as well as hearing the youth share their views on the Reformation and the reports on the success of the Lineage journey. In addition to the reports, the third guest speaker, Pastor Alex Royes, executive pastor, Metropolitan Seventh-day Adventist church, Maryland, USA, gave an inspiring message that left those who attended the entire day on a spiritual high.

Toward the end of the year MTTC will be seeking permission to go into the town centre to provide a carol service, hopefully on Saturday evening 23 December. At this time of giving and receiving, it is planned to give away free books and DVDs.

Further exciting plans by MTTC are in store for 2018.

[Richard Daly, Lungani Sibanda and Lorraine McDonald]


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