3rd August 2017

Junior Camp, held in beautiful Aberdaron, was the focus for 8-12-year olds at this year's event. 57 children from the North England Conference gathered to do crafts, sports, water activities, social development, and worships in the last week of July 2017. Led by Counsellors, House Parents, Padres, activity staff and fed by brilliant chefs under the guidance of Cheryl Banton young children learned how to live with each other in a spiritual environment under mostly blue skies.

Uncle Alan, (Pastor Hush to those aware) and Uncle Steve, (Pastor Palmer for some) were the chaplains helping the children know about some aspects of God’s kingdom. Morning and evening worships were enthusiastically led in song by pairs of tent occupants while, often as sunset dawned the children listened to stories which helped them get to know God better.

But what about Campball? The game is a mash-up of football, netball and IMG_9916basketball using the rules of all three to create an exciting team game for boys and girls. The ball is thrown between players who try to throw the ball past several goalkeepers. The fact that at one stage the girls were winning 3-0 shows the passion that later developed as the boys sought to catch up. In the end, the game came down to a last-minute goal from Henry Stoner-Redfern who snatched a draw from the jaws of defeat.

How could such a fast-paced game be played in safety? Referee Symon Burgher from the Midlands kept the excitement down to manageable levels with sensible time-outs while coaching the teams in how best to play the game. All this was backed up by a sensible Risk Assessment that allowed the game to start as this was the year that Risk Assessment hit Aberdaron campsite. A simple technique was taught, people found themselves able to think through events and develop simple procedures which allowed games, activities, crafts, and camp management to be conducted safely and enthusiastically.

[Peter Jeynes]


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