28th September 2017

The month of August saw a group of Adventists descend to the Aston-Newtown Seventh-day Adventist church in Birmingham. There were no prerequisites for attending this one month course except the love of adopting a simpler and healthier lifestyle. For the uninitiated, the Lay Institute for Global Health Training (LIGHT) is a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church devoted to providing health evangelism training worldwide.

The LIGHT 'Essentials of Health Evangelism' school offered a one-month P1004472intensive training focused on the fundamentals of health evangelism. The students received theoretical and practical classes on how they can successfully combine health with evangelism. The classes included hydrotherapy, massage, nutrition, healthy cooking classes, how to prevent and manage common diseases, health expo training, how to share Christ through health, and much more. This course, delivered in conjunction with Wildwood Lifestyle Centre, was geared for those interested in health and desired to be missionaries so that they could bring souls to Jesus. 

A small group of gifted individuals led the various workshops and presentations. The team consisted of Grace Walsh, North England Conference (NEC) HealIL4A9647th Ministries director, Cynthia Bonas, Alma Diaz-Stewart, Veronica Grandison and Marcus Williams. At the helm of the Wildwood team that came was Cynthia Bonas. Cynthia has been a registered nurse for 33 years, and has worked in many different facets of her profession including training as a naturopathic doctor. Having worked in the Lifestyle programme and as a teacher at Wildwood, she is very passionate about mission work and is always ready to accept the call to "go...teach all nations." She currently serves as the Director for the LIGHT Caribbean School Island. Joining Cynthia was Alma Diaz-Stewart, a retired school teacher working as a Medical MissiIL4A0165onary from Trinidad in the South Caribbean Conference. To build this triune was Veronica Grandison a Health director from Barbados. 

Veronica's practical classes were very popular as she demonstrated how to make soap, toothpaste, deodorant and skin ointment. The students also enjoyed the classes on healthy vegan cooking and bread making. The testimony on all the students' lips was how the course had impacted their lives and how they were never going to do things the same again. What was apparent and evident in this group was the comradery and the bond that had been forged. Since the students' graduation about fifty students from the course have signed up to the six-month online and intensive course which should further solidify their medical missionary credentials and equip them to reach out to the community.



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