NEC Excel at the Division PBE and Shares Tips for 2019

11th May 2018

Esther and Daniel, 22 chapters, 2 articles of introduction from the Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary and only a week and 3 months to prepare 17 teams at Area levels, then 10 at Conference, 6 at Union levels and then 5 for the finals, 4 in first place and 1 in second place how did they do that?

As a parent or Pathfinder Club staff, you may be wondering how did theSutton-Coldfields-Team-First-Placey master all that data? Could your child or your club be able to do it? Below you will find some of the methods used by the 5 teams from the North England Conference during this year's Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) and hope they can of help to you or your team in preparing for PBE 2019 on the book of Luke (NKJV).

Prayer and Trust first and foremost it is crucial to put God first, last and best throughout the process. It is His Word!

Second, parental support and commitment is key each team member was supported by parents all the way (parents booked holidays to support their kids in Florida; Bradfordoffered their homes and cooked meals for teams to meet, rehearse, study and socialise earlier in the process); Whilst in Florida, I learnt of parents who would come in to iron uniforms for the participants in order to allow teams to take time off or rehearse the Word of God!

Next, in a mixed team with younger and older kids, younger ones who are faster in memorising but may have difficulty in comprehension are assigned passages for them to master through memory, older ones focus more on comprehension when a question is announced, the younger ones would recite the verse/s and the older aqones formulate the required answer. Pathfinders are committing large portions of scripture to memory.

Mastering of the subject matter although each team member is expected to be aware of the entire material, every Pathfinder is given specific portions to study thoroughly and master them. Following this, an assigned counsellor and junior counsellor do follow-up with their corresponding team member testing their veracity and accuracy.

Fun and laughter periods of preparation were punctuated with times to socialise and gel together. I know of a church that, in order to reduce stress levels among participants, arranged a special dinner for the participants.

Supervision in Manchester-Southern-Asia-Team-First-Placeteam selection and creation as far as possible it was important to ensure that team formation was supervised to mix different talents and gifts, e.g. younger and older mix.

Extras a team can have a maximum of 6 but an extra is allowed in case one falls ill. First, pair up the extra child to one of the team members, then to keep the extra one motivated, as it is possible that they can end up on the bench throughout the process in case no one falls ill, at half time, do a switch to allow the one on the bench to take Bolton-Team-First-Placepart too!

PBE Quiz Generator tools the following links were very helpful in preparation. Each verse would have at least 6 possible questions; the other one is: Quizlet.

Study at least 3 times a week Wednesday, Friday and Sabbath or Wednesday, Sabbath and Sunday.

Electronics and Smart phones curfews during rehearsals or study times, phones and gadgets are not allowed.

I hope this list will be of help as you in your preparation for the 2019 PBE!

Ideas compiled from Bolton, Bradford, Manchester Southern Asia, Sutton Coldfield and Wednesbury Pathfinder Clubs.

[Ikwisa Mwasumbi, NEC Pathfinder Department]


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