2nd June 2017

'Women can and Women do!' This was the theme of the NEC Women Together Conference held on Sunday 7 May 2017 at the Nottingham Village Hotel.  The women came in their numbers, and were inspired, enthused and encouraged by outstanding, exceptional and highly motivated women speakers and workshop presenters known for amazing work in their field.

The day started with a man and a woman! Our NEC President Pastor Richard Jackson gave the devotional on the significance and importance of women in Israel, and his wife Angela shared with us her work with the Ministerial Spouses Association.

They were followed by our speakers and presenters for the day.  Women from a range of backgrounds and expertise spoke on topics that would ignite interest. Pastor Patricia Douglas, a senior pastor in the NEC, spoke about the steps to ministry – 'Journeying with God!'.  Patricia answered the call to ministry; accepting the challenges and the joys that yielding to the call to become a minister for Christ Jesus took her through, she encouraged the women to heed God's calling in whatever area of life God decides. Patricia talked of her time at Newbold College and the amazing lecturers and students she came to know. 

Lorraine Dixon, Head of Stanborough School, talked about being 'Fearless and Adventurous'. She shared her dramatic journey which revealed her courageous and determined spirit, which brought much attention and awe by the audience. Selo Karbah told the women "you can start and run your own business, just as I did!"  The women heard the real process, the hidden possibilities and the daily commitment involved in the process.1-1H3A9827

Ruthlyn South, ran a workshop on 'Looking after your natural hair as God would have it'.  The women flocked to this workshop in the afternoon, with products on sale and plenty of practical advice. Joanna Daniel, a qualified counsellor, ran a workshop on the 'Healing after…'.  As a counsellor, she was able to share and support by also offering a few one-to-one sessions throughout the day, which was much appreciated by the women. Beulah Plunkett, NEC Women's Ministries director, and also a life coach, ran a workshop on 'Personal and Spiritual development'. The women were taken through the 'Wheel of Life', to explore how they can begin to address life planning challenges; personal and spiritual. The women were fascinated by how clear a perspective they got from just examining their current life situation this way.  Victoria Agyepong added the extra spiritual touch throughout the day as our singing evangelist.  She started the day with the song 'Praise Him' that silenced the room as the women listened to the depth of her message and her genuine heartfelt praise to God.

There were also exhibition booths on 'Women of Virtue', 'Women's Ministries', and stalls with clothes for sale. Hair products, skin care, household goods, books, DVDs and much more were also available. The day was full of good interactions and a wonderful spirit of joy in the Lord. What women can and do was evident everywhere!

The day was attended by 200 plus women and it was a great success from the feedback provided by the women and the sheer numbers in attendance throughout the day. It was also a positive day because the women brought their non-Christian friends and family members who were given an opportunity to know more about the Church and the message of Christ. One woman said, "I'm not a Seventh-day Adventist Christian as yet but this has made me realise that I need the Lord in my life, I need to grow spiritually."

The day was planned by Beulah Plunkett and her team of Area coordinators (Faith Muimo, Faith Moyo, Greta Adams, Hyacinth Gayle, Iris Johns, Lenore Tulloch, Marva Cunningham, Patience Chiketero, and Sisa Dirahu). There was much to do and it all got done, by this great team of women.

The evaluations for the day were very uplifting: "We have been blessed." "This is my first time coming to such an event and I will come again." "I enjoyed the music, the presentations and meeting so many women." "May God richly bless the team as they continue to bring us programmes like this." "I am so glad that I came." "I'm going home to try some of the ideas shared." "Praise God for such a wonderful event." "I have been inspired today!"

We thank God for the continued leading of the NEC Women's Ministries department.

[Beulah Plunkett]


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