NEC Youth Spring Ski Trip 2018

3rd May 2018

Geneva, Collonges, Paris, Tignes, Val d'lsere, were some of the places where the North England Conference (NEC) Spring Ski Trip 2018 of a group of 21 youth travelled to during an action-packed and fun-filled week.

Leaving on Friday 20 April, the group were blessed with lovely summer weather on the drive down to Collonges SDA College in France just outside Geneva. Sabbath wa77s spent at the Adventist Fellowship Geneva, an English-speaking church in the heart of the city where the group enjoyed a potluck with the church members in the park on the banks of Lake Geneva. 

Each year over the past few years the group have spent the Sabbath with this church which is always a joyful experience especially when being reacquainted with the old friendly faces. The group arrived in the ski resort on the Saturday evening and settled into their chalets in the beautiful village of Tignes, Lavachet. Skiing or snowboarding at the end of April normally means lots of sunshine and this year was no exception. Indeed for 6 days there was consistent sunshine such that the need 44for sunblock was a vital necessity each day! The group included skiers of different levels starting from beginners, intermediates and those who were at advanced levels.  However, with extensive lessons and some doing extra sessions in the morning, by the end of the week everyone had progressed to new learning skills.

Each night the team were challenged by the worships which had a theme of 'growth' using object lessons gleaned from 22growth in learning to ski. On one of the evenings the worship talk focussed on 'fixed' mindset versus 'growth' mindset which challenged each one to approach life experiences with a 'growth' mindset that involves learning from mistakes and converting disappointments into valuable life skills. For those who attended the trip for the first time it was a valuable experience that combined more than just the physical excursion of skiing but learning valuable spiritual object lessons. 88

Experiencing God in nature, the peace and serenity of the snow-capped mountains is a beautiful experience. Learning a new hobby and getting the opportunity to visit sites important to the Reformation such as the Reformation Wall in Geneva and making new friends made this a great week away for all.

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