Newcastle Adventist Church Stream Service Amidst Closure due to Snow

7th March 2018

What does a church do when the snow makes driving hazardous? The church resorts to modern technology and a little improvisation.

On Sabbath, 3 March, Newcastle Seventh-day Adventist church members and friends from aJoma_2round the world gathered around tablets, smartphones and old fashioned TV sets to share in worship as the service was led from a makeshift, but highly effective, studio in the north of Newcastle.

Dr Ed from South Shields church provided the base of the service while young Hannah and Joma provided a special item and the scripture reading. The sermon, from Pastor Peter Jeynes, continued a series exploring the life of the early days of the Adventist Church which explained the Bible teaching behind 'the great controversy'.

Viewers were encouraged to 'like, comment and share' as the worship continued. This was seen as an act of community worship.

Much was learned from the experience, not least that 'brothers and sisters working together can accomplish a great deal for God'.



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