15th December 2016

Sabbath 26 November marked the 10th anniversary of Pendeford Seventh-day Adventist church. For those who have not had the pleasure of visiting, this is a church which is in the middle of the community. With its dubious past as a watering well for the lager imbibers it not only has lost its former name of Dovecot Pub, there is no semblance of its former past in its elegance. There is something about the church that just grabs you as you enter the doors. There is a sense of openness and brightness and on this Sabbath day everyone looked extra beautiful from the youngest to the eldest. The sanctuary is built on what used to be the cellar lug-6of the pub where the spirits were stored but now the Holy Spirit has taken residence over the space.

The worship service led by Byron Taylor Jr & Co was vibrant, celebratory and reflective of the decade. It was fitting that the guest speaker for the day was none other than North England Conference President Pastor Richard Jackson who was instrumental in the procurement of the church when he was the local pastor of Pendeford.  

In his sermon he regaled the congregation with stories of the negotiations to purchase the building fraught with difficulties, hence the title, 'We've Come This Far By Faith' based on Psalm 124. In the sermon he talked about how some of the members even remortgaged their homes to assist in the purchase of the building. This is a group of people who believed in the mission and in creating a legacy for their pastor-Richard-jacksonoffspring and the community. It's also a story of reflection on how far God has brought us and His willingness to partner with us to make an impact in our areas of influence and community.

To end this day of celebration a baptism was held in the afternoon. The church celebrated with the heavenly hosts in welcoming Aliyah Pearce and Nisa Maxine Chisipochinyi to the membership.

It has been an exciting journey for Pendeford Adventist church and God has been faithful the entire time.

In celebration, church members look to their past to see how God has moved and shaped them. They see and rejoice in the growth and changes God is working in their present. And, as they look to the future, may the Spirit's leading, and trust in the Gospel that God will continue to use Pendeford Seventh-day Adventist church to glorify the name of Jesus.


[Lugani Sibanda]


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