2nd November 2017

Sunday 22 October was the graduation of the 'Reversing and Preventing Type 2 Diabetes' programme. This was the culmination of an eight-week programme which began on 3 September and finished on 22 October 2017. It was run from the prestigious John Lewis Community Hub, at Grand Central Station in Birmingham.

This programme saw an attendance of over 30 people weekly. The North England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (NEC) sponsored the training under the leadership of Grace Walsh, NEC Health Ministries director, and was coordinated by Jacquie Halliday-Bell, Health leader of Mission to the Cities (MTTC) Birmingham. These timely presentations were delivered by PJAL4548Pastor Paul Haworth, former Area 4 coordinator now retired, Grace Walsh, Jennifer Distin and Colleen Dixon. The participants' glucose and cholesterol levels were monitored every week by Frederica Reid and her team.

The Reversing Diabetes programme encourages a healthy lifestyle through the NEWSTART methodology which is an acronym for Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest, Trust in Divine Power. Because PJAL4586changing activity levels and diet may impact their medication needs, the attendees were encouraged to consult with their doctors before incorporating any of the suggestions presented into their personal treatment plan.

There were many encouraging testimonies at the graduation. Many of the participants mentioned how beneficial and life-changing the information had been and even commended the presenters for their professionalism and knowledge. One attendee from a Pentecostal Sunday church expressed that she will be taking the programme to her local church. Kathleen, an elderly lady said she had been struggling with walking but now she could walk without any aid, she has since dispensed with her walking stick. Kathleen is juicing and following a plant-based diet. Not everyone who attended the course were diabetic, PJAL4484some came on behalf of their family members. A lady from the local community said she came for her daughter who has diabetes and she passes the information to her.

The feeling was that the programme far exceeded their expectations on the whole, the group felt that the programme had been well executed, very informative and helpful. Lasting friendships and contacts were built during the eight-week course and we pray that this community focused work reaps more fruits in the city of Birmingham.


[Lungani Sibanda]


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