15th December 2016

It was the evening of 31 October, 2016, as children emerged from the darkness as goblins, wolves and all sorts of things, relentlessly knocking at doors on halloween.  Well, on the living room table there was a pile of bright captivating Bible Story books, stories of Noah and the flood, Joseph, Daniel and Bible activity books, speaking of God's love for a lost world. Group after group gladly received the books that were now being scattered like autumn leaves, 20 books in all were given away that evening. We pray that God will plant a seed within the hearts of the recipients that will some day yield a mighty harvest. 

The NEC Children's Ministries department, 'Share the Word Challenge', spans three months, October, November and December.  It's a season when children are looking forward to receiving gifts.  What if we all took the opportunity to impact a child's life for the good.  Reaching out to our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, family friends, reaching out relentlessly to the children within our communities. God will create opportunities for you to make a difference, take the plunge and stock up, purchase books from the Stanborough Press and be equipped for the challenge.


[Patricia Douglas]


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