3rd August 2017

On the 16 July 2017 the Northfield, Bournville and Halesowen District Youth Department and Pathfinders had a graduation and banquet for 'Smart Love' youth who attended and successfully completed 5 seminar sessions.

Those who attended all the sessions were presented with a certificate and a book entitled ’Smart Love’ on the day. Parents and church members were able to attend to commemorate this occasion. 'Smart love' was geared at young people aged between 12-18 years to bring awareness of what they would encounter in their teenage years around the subject of love and how to deal with it in a 'SMART' way and most importantly God’s way. The seminars were well attended with an approximate number of 10 youth from the 3 district churches. Pastor Obinnaya and his wife Elizabeth Iheoma hosted these seminars which was held on a Monday and Friday evening and ran over two weeks starting from 3 July at the Northfield and Halesowen SDA churIMG-20170801-WA0100ch.

On the penultimate day, the young people also had a day to reflect on what they had learnt over the 2 weeks. The sessions were delivered via presentations and were very interactive where the young people were able to ask questions and provide feedback.

Parents were not allowed to attend the sessions but were made aware of the topics that were going to be covered. Some of the topics that was covered over the 2 weeks were: -

Monday 3 July – 'Making friends with yourself and the dating game.'

Friday 7 July – 'Breaking up is hard to do' and the young adults number one dilemma, 'How to tell if you are really in love?'

Monday 10 July – 'Touchy situations.' 'Close Encounters of a dangerous kind: Benefits of sexual abstinence before marrage.'

Friday 14 July – 'Tough topics and a choice to be proud of.'

The goal of the seminar was for the young people who attended, to leave with the knowledge and awareness of self esteem in different stages of love or dating, the dangers of dating and why abstaining from dating in early teens was important. Overall they learnt that dating was with the intent of marriage.

Host speakers Pastor Obinnaya Snapshot-1and his wife Elizabeth hoped that this sessions would combat some of the problems that young people face within the church and help them to be well aware and prepared for what is to come during their young adolescent years. Pastor Obinnaya commented, "We feel it is our duty as a church to act proactively in safeguarding our young people and by providing the necessary information in workshops like these can provide our young people with support in this area."

Let us pray that God will guide and protect our young people and provide the vision we need to continue the good work as parents and a church.

[Shanelle Clifton and Johnare Furber]


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