12th April 2017

On Friday 7 April 2017 members of the Wolverhampton Adventist church received positive media attention for supporting patients on the Children's Ward and the Stroke Unit at The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Hospital Trust.

The full article which can be found here, states: 

"A gospel concert, organised by Hannah Gaynor, Paul Munroe, and Ian Palmer, was held on 18th February 2017 at the Life Spring Centre in Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton.  

"The event was well attended and raised £710 to help patients and their families – £310 was used to purchase a specialist fan for the Stroke Unit and £400 to purchase outdoor toys for the garden area of the Children's Ward at New Cross Hospital. 

"Ian Palmer said: 'As a congregation, we wanted to support members of our community and identified the Stroke Unit and the Children's Ward as an opportunity to help as wide a cross section as possible.  

"'Our church cares about the community and would invite everyone to come and share a warm, welcoming experience on a Saturday morning on Warwick Street, Wolverhampton. 

"'We extend heartfelt thanks to the Life Spring Centre for being such fantastic hosts.' 

"Leanne Bood, Fundraising coordinator for The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, said: 'Thank you to Ian, the congregation and everyone who attended the concert. These items will help make our patients’ experiences in hospital as comfortable as possible.'" 

(Pictured above: L-R Beckie Karim ‒ Staff Nurse, Laura Beady ‒ Staff Nurse, Sister Amanda Bevan-Webster, Mr Ian Palmer, Marva Williams – HCA, Dr McBride ‒ Consultant).

[Simon Douglas]


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