2nd November 2012

"Give me Scotland lest I die," the famous words of Scottish Protestant reformer, John Knox, became the cry of Pastor Dwight Nelson and 150 worshipers at the Scottish Mission Camp Meeting in Arbroath, 26 - 28 October, 2012.
While Scotland celebrated a weekend of Halloween, a yearly experience resembling the dark forces, worshipers at Camp Meeting heard Pastor Dwight present the real story of the rise of
the 'Dark Night', once again realising the potential for danger right around them.
Pastor Dwight and his wife, Karen, presented the 'Pilgrimage to
Calvary', sharing the prayer of one of Scotland's famous sons. "Can you imagine what would happen to Scotland if the 550 members all across Scotland began to pray that prayer?" he asked. "We might just turn Scotland upside down."
Members were challenged not just to focus on the awesome events of Calvary but to allow God to change their lives, be revived and challenged to do something different with their experience as the
chosen people of God.
Pastor Nelson used the few days of the Camp Meeting to focus us on the powerful potential of Calvary to change us. He closed the weekend with two presentations on 'The Dark Night Rising', showing that while evil seems to control things, the recession, the potential collapse of the Euro, natural disasters and the primal urges that have negatively affected our communities; the strong possibility exists that in the midst of this time our God will return.
Meanwhile, SEC Teens director, Pastor Dejan Stojkovic, spoke to the youth. His ability to mix humour and yet challenge the youth to do something different about their lives helped them to think again about their calling for service.


Along with vespers by BUC President, Pastor Ian Sweeney, a variety of seminars were presented by Pastor Eglan Brooks on Personal Ministries; Annell Smith on Singles' and Unmarried Ministries; Judith Martin on Women's Ministries; and Pastor Jimmy Botha on the use of media in our churches. Pastor Bernie Holford and his wife Karen spoke on Family Ministries and Family Life; and Pastor
Clifford Herman on tips for supporting our leaders and each other in church meant that the weekend was both worship, information, learning and support.
"It has been a powerful experience in my life," confessed one member with tears in his eyes. Another added that his life will be forever changed after this weekend. One lady mentioned that she will now be able to pray every morning, something she previously struggled with. A young youth member appreciated his time at Camp Meeting so much that he already asked where we will have our Camp Meeting next year.
The theme for the weekend 'Pilgrimage to Calvary' became a reality as members indeed experienced such a pilgrimage, celebrating with a communion service on Saturday evening, before they enjoyed a ceilidh.
Members in Scotland know how to enjoy themselves spiritually and socially. "Give me Scotland lest I die" is now the prayer in their hearts.
A selection of pictures from the weekend can be found in the BUC Picture Gallery.

[Jim Botha]


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