16th May 2016

On the morning of Sabbath 7 May 2016, the members of the Hope House Seventh-day Adventist church in Dunfermline were busy preparing for a full day of Family Ministries meetings. Enough people to almost fill this new building entirely started to arrive from various congregations in Scotland.DSC_9683-copy

As they waited for the service to start, it became clear that the main speakers for the day – Drs Claudio and Pamela Consuegra – had not yet arrived. It turned out that the Consuegras had been spending some time in Scotland before the event, and whilst out on a walk on Friday afternoon, Pamela injured her ankle and had to be taken to the hospital in Dunfermline for an X-ray on Sabbath morning.

However, even a broken ankle couldn't stop her!

DSC_9694-copyThe service started on time anyway and everyone seemed to enjoy the impromptu singing of worship songs until the Consuegras arrived. The congregation was pleased and happy to finally be able to meet them.

The main service was led by Dr Claudio and his sermon captured the attention of the whole congregation. How can you not pay attention when someone claims they know the secret to making more money? Especially when they say that making more money is easy and everyone can do it.

Do you wish now that you'd been there?

Not to worry, I'll let you in on the secret he shared with everyone present-if you want to make more money, kiss your wife every morning before going to work.

Not what you were expecting to hear?

Yet it is as simple as that.

Dr Claudio went on to explain that if a man kisses his wife every morning before leaving for work, his life will be on course for better experiences. Those who follow this guidance are less stressed, experience less depression, have less relational issues at work and have a more positive life altogether. They take less sick days and are generally healthier resulting in better remuneration and more positive life experiences.

A good life sets one up for good home governance as well. A good relationship between husband and wife enables children to grow up in a healthy and a stable environment giving them the best start in life possible.DSC_9710-copy

In the afternoon, the church still packed, it was time for discussion on the topic of managing children.

The summary of the things discussed is as follows.

5 things that you can do to give your children the best experiences in life:

1. Make God the first person in your family.

2. Husbands, love your wives.
 a. Initiate family devotions.
 b. Initiate conversation on a deeper level.
 c. Give her tasteful public compliments.
 d. Verbalize to the family that you love her.
 e. Do something she likes to do.
 f. Verbalize your love by bragging about her.
 g. Forgive quickly.
 h. Make sure she has time for herself and the Lord.
 i. Value her feelings.
 j. Notice the way she looks and dresses.

3. Wives, respect your husbands.
 a. He needs to know that you love and trust him.
 b. Encourage him.
 c. Stand by him.
 d. Never criticize him in public.
 e. Listen attentively.
 f. Affirm him.
 g. Don't flirt with other men.
 h. Prepare his favourite meals.

4. Do not expect perfection of your spouse unless you are perfect yourself!

5. Commitment is crucial.

DSC_9688-copyThis was a day well planned by Tarzan Bhebhe and his wife Priscilla, Family Ministries sponsors for the Scottish Mission. Cedrene Botha, Children's Ministries sponsor along with a few helpers made the day a special one for the children, whilst the adults were together for their meetings.

The day ended on a positive note and the visitors were on their way. The dishes were done and the tables folded away. The Hope House managed to fit more than 100 people comfortably.

The members of the Hope House were delighted to see that the church they built had passed the test of volume. Perhaps now the members can focus on earning extra cash in the best way possible-by kissing their loved ones before going to work every day!



[Jimmy Botha]


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