29th January 2018

The lay leaders of the Scottish Mission enjoyed a day of training with visiting leaders from the British Union Conference, such as Pastor Paul Lockham, Sharon Platt-McDonald and PPaul Teachingastor Eglan Brooks on Sunday 28 January. These leaders presented workshops for church secretaries, deacons and deaconesses, Women's Ministries and Health Ministries leaders. "Pastor Brooks was fresh in his presentation, and helped me see better ways of organising myself", said one of the attendees of the presentation to the deacons' training. "I enjoyed the simple exercise suggestions and examples demonstrated by Sharon during her plenary session", said another.

Pastor Lockham shared with the church secretaries and some pastors, the new online system of church tracking, called ACMS, a system that secretaries and pastors can use for managing and organising their church membership systems. This system allows for the amendment of, and management of various aspects of the database of church membership. 

This particular training day takes place every year in January or February and is designed to equip local church leaders with various tools and resources to help them go about their task in running of their churches. "It is good to meet others, and to know people like myself also struggle with some aspects of leadership in the church. I feel that I am not alone, and that my struggle isn't just my fault for being a poor leader, but that the work is sometimes actually challenging", the reply from a lady who is new in her post, when asked how she enjoyed the training.

One of the activities of local churches is serving the community in various ways. Leadership in our churches helps to bring about activities that allSharon and Cliveow members to become part of outreach initiatives that changes lives. One such project is the Cook-Inn project of Musselburgh, where local members collect food that is due to be thrown away from supermarkets and turn that food into meals and meal packs for people who are less able to do that for themselves. Sharon Platt-McDonald was happy to announce financial help from her department for this project. Clive Birch, who was the cook for the training day, also cooks for this project in Musselburgh. He was on hand to receive a cheque from Sharon. 

With a hall full of participants and enthusiastic leaders, the Scottish Mission is well equipped with skills. Asking God for help, well, that is part of the skill set, as outlined by Ivana Mendez in the beginning. The Mission could always do with more volunteers in our churches ‒ please sign up if you are not yet serving somewhere. 



[Jim Botha]


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