16th December 2016

The flags of 24 countries were paraded as members shared welcomes in their own languages during the colourful International Sabbath Day on November 19 at Dundee SDA church. A large audience, including many non-church members, heard prayers and Scripture readings in languages from every continent.IMG_3932crop_1

Exotically costumed musical groups from Ghana, Zimbabwe and the Philippines praised God in their traditional ways; as did Dundee student and children’s groups. The spirit of harmony and togetherness in Christ was made known by a new poem and in talks about Adventism in Kenya and in South Africa. 

IMG_4059crop_1Special guest Pastor Paul Tompkins, in his address, illustrated the meeting’s theme “With One Voice” from personal experiences. He mentioned that the triangle, the only musical instrument he was trusted to play as a child, simple though it is, plays a key role in orchestral concerts. In a similar way every diverse individual from every culture has a key role in God’s inclusive community.

The highpoint for the many food lovers was undoubtedly the international buffet lunch. It was held in the church hall pleasingly decorated with displays of pictures and artefacts illustrating each country and its culture. The good spirit of cooperation and international unity in the world Seventh-day Adventist church must have been apparent to visitors from all walks of life. IMG_4041crop_1

[John Walton]


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