5th May 2016

Approximately 4 weeks before the big day the youth in the Edinburgh community Adventist church began by brainstorming ideas for coming out of one's comfort zone and help those who are less comfortable. Brainstorming exercises should never be under estimated. The team decided that they would be making a difference when they  make it their responsibility to do

- Home visits for members who had stopped coming to church for various reasons
- Feeding the homeless
- Visiting misfortunate youth at a hostel
- Visiting a care home for the elderly

The week leading up to the Global youth day, planning continued for program for that day and each member was asked to donate a particular food item to contribute to the misfortunate youth and homeless people.

On the morning of 19 March 2016, the youth met 10am at church. Last minute touch ups were done on the food bags that were made up the previous evening. These bags contained 4 packets of soup, 2 buns, a banana, a bunch of grapes, oranges and apples. There were approximately 30 bags.

Home-1-copyBefore the group left the church, they were divided into 3 groups of about 6-7people in each. One group was designated to feed the homeless along different target areas in central Edinburgh. The second group was to visit one church member’s home and the last group went to visit the youth hostel.

A great help was that there were enough church members with cars willing to help with transport. It was important for the group to keeping to the planned time.Having cars for transport was essential.

The three groups returned to church at about 12:30pm and at 1pm they enjoyed lunch. One and a half hours later, they left again to go to the care home for the elderly as one big group. Here they had the oppertunity to mingle with residents and staff, they sang songs and recited well-known verses such as john 3:16 and the Lord’s Prayer with them. At the end, the youth presented them with flowers and all were truly blessed, including the staff members.

The Edinburgh youth ended their day with the start of the Week of Prayer study and a social evening at one member’s home. They also organised their feedback presentations to the church as the youth were assigned to lead Sabbath morning worship for the following week.Home-2-copy

One member commented "The Edinburgh youth leader, Beverley did an outstanding job in ensuring the plans of the days went accordingly. She was the timekeeper, she organized our transport and she established good relationships with the organizations and homes we visited to ensure that there would be a next time."


As with any good experience, never leave the future to chance. Make sure you do it again. The youth concluded that they all had an amazing experience leaving each of them with a different and fulfilling feel of the Sabbath. They all strongly agreed that this was not going to be the last time and starting very soon, they will include this as part of their agenda for the year. They plan to make more hearty meals for the homeless, visit more members who left the church and share God’s love and message for misfortune people. Watch this space, in Edinburgh there is bound to be a revival, and the young people are keen to be at the heart of it.

[Beverley Anderson]


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