16th December 2016

Another year is fast coming to an end and will soon be consigned to the annuls of history. Without doubt it has been a year of much turmoil and humanly speaking great uncertainty as to the future. For people of faith, however, there is always hope and a new year gives us fresh opportunity to shine our light upon the world.

Our hope “is built on nothing less than Jesus Christ and His righteousness.” A Christmas newsletter that I recently received put it well “Scripture assures us that the Babe of Bethlehem – born in poverty 2000 years ago – is destined to return in triumph as the answer to all our world’s problems.” Come the day!

Until that great day though we must keep on keeping on. There is still work to do and may God open up for each of us new and exciting ways in which we can serve Him. We need strong families, committed youth and active members of all ages who are open to God’s possibilities in the year ahead.

 A good friend of mine starts each day with the prayer “Lord I’m available to you today.” With that thought the year to come can open up many opportunities for sharing the message of hope that we all hold so dear.

The Seventh-day Adventist church around the globe continues to grow and as a world body now totals 20 million members. Here in the Scottish Mission we may be one of the least of the nations but we too have seen growth in all areas and our membership now stands at 662. A small but equally important part of the church family.

But here’s the thing. Some time ago I saw an explanation of doubling, or exponential growth, as related to church growth. As an example if a church of twenty-five members each helped bring someone to Christ next year at the end of year one there would be 50 members. Doing the same year on year at the end of year two there would be 100, year 3: 200, year 4: 400 and year 5: 800. The figures start to get very interesting as the time goes by. I’ve chosen round figures so we can all do the maths. At the end of 10 years there would be 25,600. At the end of year 15; 819,200 and at the end of year 16 we would pass the million mark of new believers! All possible with the simple goal of each one winning one!

We can leave the numbers to God, and soul winning can only be in and through the leading of the Holy Spirit. but this new year why not think big and pray for three people who we would like to see come to Jesus. Then thoughtfully and prayerfully seek opportunities to share with them what the love of Christ means for us. Who knows what the results might be if 662 members continually prayed for three people to come to Christ each and every year!

I’ll leave you to do the maths and more importantly for each of us to start praying and seeking God’s providence.


[Paul Tompkins]


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