21st May 2013

"We each have our own story to tell, no one can tell our story, we each have our own song to sing, it belongs to us, and God gave it to us!" These are the words that stuck, as Ken Burton lead the worship service with this message. Illustrating exactly this idea, Ken went on to show how we each are unique, have our own specific needs and desires, and how God also uses us uniquely.

On the weekend of 18 and 19 May, the Scottish membership enjoyed the presence of the well known singing group, Tessera. More than 100 attended this music filled day at the Oakshaw Trinity Church, Paisley on Sabbath, 18 May. There were other music items, testimonies and of course good food. After lunch the leader of Tessera, Ken Burton, DSC_8962presented a workshop on the use of hymns in church, which was very insightful and enjoyable.

After the day in Paisley, Tessera went left to prepare for their evening concert at Dundee Adventist church. On Sunday morning they performed again at Coldside Parish Church in Dundee. Their performances on Songs of Praise have made their harmonious music and spiritual message to be very popular in homes right across the British Isles.

[Jim Botha]


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