22nd March 2018

Slowly the sound of scissors and tape start to fill the room, over all the various sounds of chatter and laughter. Messy church has started, DSC_8048but without a big announcement. The hall just suddenly filled with more than 50 people, and as if every person knew where to go, the natural draw to some craft simply happened. Here and there you notice an adult, glasses on the nose, helping a table full of kids find the lines and cutting cautiously. In the corner, Tarzan is busy writing scores as the boys try to throw their easter eggs into a set of glasses, trying to reach the highest score. Slowly finished products start to appear. With smiles on faces you notice kids showing off their new creations to adults and parents. Then they switch, and children find new tables, with new possibilities. In the background, you smell what is slowly busy becoming dinner. The team of cooks are hard at work in the kitchen and you see pastor or other adults briefly entering the kitchen, coming out chewing. Dinner has to be good.DSC_7953

Then aunty Cedrene comes in and announces that it is time for the children to go into the church where there is a guest waiting for them. All the kids find their place in front, and the youth start to lead them in song. "I am inside, and outside, and all-around with Jesus, upright and downright, all-around with God." Everybody turning and standing, then sitting, enjoying the worship. When all is calm again, it is time for the guest. Welcome Ema, the emu. Ema is the clever one who partakes in DSC_7983the interview led by Aunty Ashley. There are other guests too, but apparently their answers were not so good. Ema has the conclusion, that easter is not about eggs, neither is it about rabbits, it is about Jesus, who died, and was resurrected again on the third day. When all is said and done, the announcement by Uncle Mervyn that it is time to wash hands, and a prayer for the food.

The whole group makes it back into the hall where the tables are waiting, filled with food. It is remarkably quieter than when they made crafts. But they enjoy the food, and looks like plenty to go around. After dinner, lots of greetings as families start to make their way out and going home. The youth jump into action on Global Youth Day, and help the adults to clean the hall, wash the dishes, and prepare the church for the expected toddler group on Tuesday.DSC_8001

The organisers thank Aunty Claudette who came along to help out one last time, and all the others who came from far to help prepare food and other activities. In a few months, Dundee will host another Messy Church. For now, time to clean the toys and craft tools. 

[Jimmy Botha]


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