11th August 2016

"It's a bit of a reality check", said 32-year-old Lorraine Wilson when she joined nearly 200 other workers and shoppers at a two-day Health Expo in County Square, Paisley, outside Scotland's fourth busiest railway station. "It's a good idea and it makes people think about what they are eating and drinking", she said.

Paisley church's health and social care paisley expo insideprofessionals, and undergraduates were kept busy checking height, weight, blood pressure and lung capacity whilst participants completed a comprehensive questionnaire on lifestyle. The resulting printouts compared actual age with health age and suggested lifestyle improvements. These were then the subject of further personalised advice and more than 140 requests for more information have been referred to the Adventist Discovery Centre.

This is the fourth such event paisley expo and reflects the church's mission statement – 'We are Christians with a mission to share this faith by constantly seeking to serve the needs of our community'. What Ellen White describes as, 'The right arm of the gospel' is therefore its major outreach strategy. Paisley pastor, Claudiu Popescu, said, "We just want to make an impact and promote good choices. It's all about raising awareness in the community of health and lifestyle."

[John Wilby]


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