5th May 2016

When thinking of Raising Spiritual Giants and T.A.G (Time Alone with God), the thought rarely presents itself that you are talking about children. But this is exactly the case. Children in Scotland can make the difference.

These two very important topics were presented, along with ‘How to conduct a Holiday Bible Club’ presented by Dr Saustin Mfune (Associate Children’s Ministries Director – General Conference of SDA) on April 2 and 3, 2016.

With a recent handover from the out-going Children’s Ministries Sponsor in Scotland, the focus on Holiday Bible Club Training was taken forward and the request for Dr Mfune to come to Scotland already set in motion, arrangements came to fruition.

Dr Mfune preached at the Adventist Church in Paisley on Saturday the 2nd, and in the afternoon all Children’s Ministries leaders that could attend (and those interested in Children’s Ministries) were treated to a very enlightening (and entertaining) presentation about Raising Spiritual Giants. The focus being that our brains are made up of 3 parts, each with a specific function (Thinking, Emotional and Flight or Fight), and when dealing with children (and adults) depending on how we interact with each other, this can determine how effective we can be as leaders and parents.

Dr Mfune referred to these 3 parts as ‘gears’ – as in driving a car. If we interact with a child in a way whereby they feel threatened, their brain shifts down a level to ‘Emotional’ and if they feel that they are in danger they shift again to ‘Fight or Flight’. In this state of mind children are very susceptible and if constantly in this mode can have a significant impact on their development. As leaders and parents we are called to raise our children in a safe and loving environment allowing our children to fully take advantage of their intellect in a non-threatening environment and state of mind.

On Sunday the 3rd, the group met at a local community centre in Paisley where for the morning Dr Mfune shared how important it was to have your TAG (Time Alone with God). As leaders and parents, spending alone time with God enables us to build a relationship whereby we are focused on the important things in life. This TAG time will be different for each person but without it, can we be effective leaders knowing what God is asking us to do in leading our children to Christ?

This was followed by testimonies of how God has answered prayers to impossible situations. After Lunch the group settled down for their session dealing with Holiday Bible Clubs. Many attending have either not actually run a Holiday Bible Club or Vacation Bible School.  Some had limited experience. It was evident that the members thirsted after the knowledge shared by Dr Mfune who has run many successful events. This valuable knowledge for local churches planning to run Holiday Bible Clubs this year and looking ahead to 2017 was taken to heart and will hopefully be seen when Glasgow and Aberdeen churches run their respective annual events in June this year.

Anyone who would like to know more about the sessions that were presented should feel free to make contact.

[Cedrene Botha]


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