10th October 2016

"When you make a mistake, recognise it, raise your hand, and say: Astonishing!" This was the advice given by Dr. Daniel Duda when he addressed the audience that filled the Crieff Parish Church on 24 September. The relentless rain that fell all day was not enough to keep anyone away. This year, more people attended the Scottish Mission Day of Fellowship than the previous few years. Everyone was blessed by the now familliar musical talent that the mission is able to produce from all over Scotland.SMDOF-47

With so many people attending, it was important that care was taken to cater for the children and the youth as well. The facilities in the Crieff Parish Church was well used as Cedrene and her team took care of the different children's classes. Claudiu and his team enjoyed getting together with the youth, giving them an oppertunity to reminisce about the succesful youth camp they enjoyed in Greece in June.

SMDOF-39The congregation enjoyed various reports from different churches, sharing the work in their various locations. These videos, presentations and verbal descriptions brought stories of faith and commitment. These reports can be seen below.

This day of fellowship was a day when the new Scottish Mission president, Pr Paul Tompkins was introduced formally to Scotland, and the outgoing president, Pr Bernie Holford made his final official appearance. The meeting saw the presence of other officers representing the British Union Conference and the Trans European Division. Pr David Neal was present, as was Pr Llew Edwards. Outgoing Treasurer, Mr Victor Pilmoor as well as newcomer, Mr Earl Ramharacksingh were also present and introduced to the congregation. It is the wish of the Scottish people that the new officers will feel very welcome, and that God may bless their ministry in this area of the union.

One reason for having such a number of interested officers on a local Day of Fellowship, is that it also happened to be the Ordination day of Pr Claudiu Popescu. The afternoon session was dedicated to the ordination service. During this time it was very fitting to hear from the youth about their activities of the past year. One of the highlights for the youth was undoubtedly their visit to Oinofyta Refugee Camp in Greece.

At the end of the day, the rain was still falling, and quite a few people had already practiced putting a hand up and saying "Astonishing!" 

A photo album of the day can be seen here.

The report of the Youth visit to the Greece Oinofyta Refugee Camp:

The report of the Youth Tour in Greece:


Report of the Aberdeen outreach Health Expo:


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