23rd March 2018

The weekend of 6-7 October will be a big one for the Scottish Mission. At this time a Day of Fellowship will be held at the Crieff Parish Church (Sabbath 6th) followed by the 10thTriennial Session of the Mission (Sunday 7thOctober.) Both events will be held under the theme “It’s Time” with the motto to be Devoted-Daring-Decisive in working together to make Him known in Scotland.Ivana-InArticle

The Scottish Mission is one of the five areas comprising the British Union and has seven pastors caring for 14 churches, companies and groups, comprising of 670 members. The Scottish Mission office is situated in Crieff, Perthshire.

At the Session the delegates from the churches throughout Scotland will meet to hear reports from the preceding term and to lay plans for the next three years. The Nominating Committee report will also be received electing both the Departmental Sponsors and the Executive Committee of the Mission. The speaker for both events will be Pastor Patrick Johnson, from the Trans-European Division. He will be joined by the Executive Officers of the British Union Conference.

Rory-Article-2At the Day of Fellowship three of the pastoral staff will be ordained or commissioned, following recommendation by the Scottish Mission and ratified by the British Union Executive Committees. -The three who will have their call to ministry confirmed are:

Commissioning ‒ Ivana Mendez

Ordination – Rory Mendez and Njabulo Ndlovu. 

 The church in Scotland has been privileged to have ministers through the years from all over the world including America, Australia, New Zealand, Romania, Samoa, South Africa plus some from down south, England, and even one or two Scots. In return, some of our own have become ministers serving the world-field. Now we look forward to welcoming Ivana (Slovakia), Rory (Jamaica) and Njabulo (Zimbabwe) – who already hold ministerial licenses, into the international ranks of our ordained and commissioned ministerial workers.Njay-Article

The Day of Fellowship is open to all members throughout the Scottish Mission and the Session is for the elected delegates from the various churches.

As we meet it is with the sure knowledge that it is time to build on the good work from the past, and to move forward together, devoted, daring and decisive, as we seek to make Him known throughout Scotland.

[Paul Tompkins, Scottish Mission President]


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