1st November 2017

Sabbath 28 October saw young people from the churches in Cornwall and Devon gather at the St Austell Baptist Church for the annual Area 1 Youth Day. The theme for the day was 'Discipleship and how to be a disciple maker'.

The day started with lunch together and being in Cornwall, there was not a better lunch to have than Cornish pasties with salad and potato wedges. As with all Area 1 y4outh events, we open the doors to more than just ourselves. We enjoyed the company of friends from the Baptist, South Coast, and Harbour churches. It was also great to have some new Adventist faces come and join with us for the day and we hope to see them more often from now on.

After lunch we launched into a time of worship together within the living room style set-up. No stage, platform party, nor pulpit, but rather a space of togetherness. The music brought us together in one accord into a space of praise and worship lifting up the name of Jesus in song.

We spent time together exploring the overarching biblical metanarrative and the importance of story. This resulted in spending time in groups sharing our own stories with each other. We then explored how to share the gospel with those who may never have read the Bible before in their lives. It was imp3ortant to stress to the youth how being a disciple maker, does not require a theology degree on their part.

Everyone in the room was given a bookmark with instructions printed on it on how to read and explore the Bible together starting with the gospel of Mark. We got back into groups again and one person prayed, another read the first story in Mark in one translation, another person read the story again in another translation, and another told the story as they heard it. We then explored five set out questions about the text, finishing with application and ended with a prayer. We recognised that being a disciple maker involves engaging in the local community and the lack of being present in this way contributes to an ineffective influence in t2he community.

The hope was that this day would give encouragement to everyone who attended to be a disciple maker, to recognise the potential in the communities that surround them to offer Jesus and make Him known.

As traditionally happens at our Area 1 Youth Day we ended the day with a guest artiste in concert called Chelsea Alice Scott all the way from Sheffield. Her songs and her story really spoke to the room and was greatly received.

My hope is that we will see fruits from this day throughout Cornwall and Devon, and I continue to pray that all our churches will step up to the calling of Jesus to go and make disciples

[Steven Hulbert ]


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