20th April 2017

Mark Grey's Asylum opened at the Courtyard Theatre to a packed audience with every seat taken. With months in the making, the opening performance proved to be worth the wait. Chronicling the lives of three women detained in an asylum under the strict and rigorous jurisdiction of the warden played convincingly by Kaee Corion, the play unpacked a powerful display of intrig_MG_9911s1ue and interplay between the characters as they sought to find meaning and purpose to their lives. 

Each inmate together with the warden were exposed to their own areas of brokenness and how they each sought their desire for healing and restoration in different ways. Locked in each character were deep-seated selfish ambitions and motives that surfaced through periods of tension and conflict during_MG_9912s the play, revealing a deeper meaning and understanding of truth and freedom.

Grey's play skilfully depicts the true meaning of peace and contentment when we are prepared to face up to the realities our past issues amidst the recurring challenges of the present.

[Richard Daly]


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