10th March 2017

Bristol Women's Voice (a local charity overseeing women's health and well-being) celebrated another successful annual International Women's Day event at The M Shed Museum in Bristol, on Saturday 4 March. Well over a thousand women as well as men and children attended throughout the day. The day featured many activities including a number of talks and presentations from groups and invited guests. It also facilitated a photo booth, a free stall where colourful leaflets, artwork and many others displays by various organisations and charities within and around the city were highlighted.

Bristol Central Health Ministries department was invited and played a very significant part in the day's celebrations. The team of seven women led by Health and Community IMG_3550Ministries leader, Mary Philip and her assistant, Rani Pawar, spread the Health message in a practical way through a variety of demonstrations. Hundreds of people sampled the homemade hummus with cucumber/carrot strips and crackers dips, avocado laced wraps with vegan strips filling and the flapjack fruit balls were a particular favourite. The freshly made juice from local fruits with combinations of apples, pineapples, ginger and lemon soon became popular and in high demand by both men and women who came to the stall. The second juicing combination was made from carrots, beetroots, apples, ginger and lemon. Even the children were given sample tasters and loved every drop.

Mary Philip reported that for the past three years she has been trying to be a part of the event with no success; due to the high volume of other organisations who apply every year. However, following correspondence with the organisers, she finally got confirmation but was left with only three weeks to prepare for the event. She acknowledged "the event was one of the most successful I had ever taken part in since I became the lead person in 2012. We were able to witness to many people who were amazed at what we were doing."

Florence Chibowa, unspecifieda volunteer, remarked "I am not usually a confident speaker. The Holy Spirit gave me courage to welcome people to our stall and tell them what we believe as Adventists and about our Health message. It was nice to chat to people from all walks of life and sharing the love of God. People were amazed at the wonderful food and drinks all freshly made." Rani Pawar commented, "We were overwhelmed by the turnout." Norda Stewart also echoed this and said, "Today's outreach programme was such a blessing."

The team gave away several goody bags containing Focus magazines, recipes, contact cards and much more. Many visitors gave their contact details and wanted to get more information about other activities that we organise. The event organisers were amazed at the amount of food and juice that were distributed and thanked the team for their efforts. Mary also thanked them for the opportunity and said that she is looking forward with great anticipation to the next event in 2018.

[Mary Philip]


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