20th April 2017

One of the mission initiatives from the GC is the Total Member Involvement (TMI) evangelistic thrust that encourages every member to take some active part in outreach activities.

This challenge was taken on by Pastor Vince Goddard (Holloway minister) as he organised a group of lay members from within the SEC together with Pastor Steve McKenzie to take part in a number of mission programmes in Mombasa, Kenya from 4-18 March that involved combined evangelistic efforts from other volunteers around the world in various parts of Kenya.africakenya

Pastor Goddard's team experienced first-hand the powerful impact of how God works through those willing to be used. Many who were involved in overseas mission for the first time were overwhelmed with the contagious response of hundreds of people willing to forsake all and gave their lives to Christ.

The mission project involved help in building a new church, ministering to inmates in prison and a nightly series of meetings for the two-week duration. In total 104 people were baptised in the sea from Pastor Goddard's meetings and Pastor McKenzie 101, including 30 prisoners at the prison. As a result of these Pentecost results, a new church was opened to facilitate this numeric growth.

The church called Picture1New Shimo la Tewa Great News SDA Church, in Mombasa will be pastored by local ministers who worked alongside the team during the campaign. Reflecting on the mission initiative Doreen Scott, a team member said the following:

"My trip to Mombasa was exciting, unexpected and different. It was my 70th birthday on arrival, surprisingly acknowledged by the crew of the Ethiopian airlines and celebrated mid-air. Though I visited Africa before, it was my first mission trip to Mombasa, Kenya. We were met and greeted at the airport by pastors, elders, Pathfinders and others. At the big White House where we stayed, another welcoming group were there to greet us with refreshments and great joy. There were three individual campaign sights in different areas of Mombasa.

"We visited, schools, one nursery, one teenage orphanage, also the male Picture2and female prison where we fellowshipped with prisoners and staff. The prison authorities gave a generous land space on which a church was completed before we left. Pastor Goddard's campaign was held on a huge park with lovely scenery all around, with permission also given from the prison authorities who owned it. We travelled from the UK with much-needed articles of adult and children's clothing, shoes, various books from health to academic, pencils, pens etc. At the camp sites, we gave health and welfare counselling and advice after brief questioning, blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring. Extra dried foodstuff and toiletries were bought at the market and supermarket and distributed to prisoners and people in the community.

"The choirs at the campaign ranged from the smallest to the more mature. It was a sight to see and their melodious voices were sounds of real music ‒ just graceful and auspicious. The people were so attentive, they came in great numbers, day by day without fail. They sat on the ground, on chairs, on motorbikes, or car bonnets, just to hear the message. Those in the prisons were to be baptised by the prison chaplain after we left. We were magnificently cared for by very friendly people in the house and during the campaign. It was a real soul reaching experience and all with daily sunshine of 32 to 35 degrees centigrade. Wonderful country, wonderful people."

Pastor Goddard who regularly engages in overseas evangelism, church planting and ministry to schools and hospitals will conduct a further mission programme in 2018. For further details contact him on

[Richard Daly]


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