Chiswick Health Expo

26th July 2018

In temperatures rivalling the Caribbean, Sunday 22 July saw a pocketful of its diaspora lead Chiswick's inaugural Health Expo. Bernie Collins, the Health Ministries coordinator with the support of the Family Ministries department had spent five months planning and promoting the event. The result was 200 attendees who flocked to Chiswick Back Common Park, the venue for the event from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Keen to tally all attendees, visitors filled out their registration details before proceeding to the Health Check booths. Booths included: blood pressure checks, cholesterol checks, blood glucose levels, BMI, height and weight checks. Each stall was monitored by church members Chiswick-Health-Expo-5-of-9within the Health Care profession who were equipped to use medical equipment and provide advice.

The Mayor of Hounslow, Madam Mayor Samia Chaudhary delivered an opening speech congratulating the church on its efforts to foster community spirit and engage the public with positive health awareness. Chiswick Seventh-day Adventist church's minister, Pastor Everett Picart, followed with an introductory speech also commending the work of the Health Ministries team.

Moving from the formalities Madam Mayor steadily progressed to the Health booth where she partook in a series of check-ups. Simultaneously, members of the public explored the open stalls including children's face painting, balloon crafts, diabetes talks, fresh fruit stall, as well as the prayer booth. Gloria Simon and Millie Williams took the lead in providing health advice. When asked about their findings they concurred that two people were recorded as having extremely high blood pressure and Chiswick-Health-Expo-2-of-9that the BMI reading was quite high for the large part of the community suggesting a burgeoning weight problem in the area.

On call to respond to any pertinent health problems was Jason Hamilton, fitness trainer and Chiswick member. He arranged circuit training within the park encouraging people to partake for 30 minutes in rigorous exercise.

Councillor Patrick Barr stated, "This is an excellent initiative. I want to support the community and be available in whatever way I can assist, well done!"

From the variety of diverse, new faces both young and old it's evident that many saw the event as time-worthy leaving more informed on how to look after their bodies more effectively.

[Onysha D Collins]


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