1st November 2017

Watford community residents joined with Stanborough Park church members to enjoy a series of free health and lifestyle lectures with Dr Chidi, which were held every Mondmedia-1509612461000-1ay evening during October. In the 'Health, Healing, and Hope' series, Dr Chidi addressed prevention, improvement and recovery for health issues such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disease, and depression. "Our health affects not only ourselves as individuals, but also our family, community, media-1509612461000-3nation, and world", said Dr Chidi. In each lecture, he shared practical lifestyle advice interwoven with spiritual principles and Bible texts, and gave time at the end of each presentation for questions which the attendees were always eager to ask. "This was really good," stated a community attendee after the lecture on autoimmune diseasmedia-1509612461000-5e, "I'm amazed that he would offer these lectures for free. Is it okay if I bring someone to the next lecture?"

Two further lectures will be held at Stanborough Park church on 20 November and 18 December at 7:30 pm, going into further depth on two of the health topics as previously voted by the attendees.

All are welcome to join Dr Chidi on these dates.

[Lynette and Pauline Allcock]


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