14th March 2016

The Rev Lynn Chetcuti, National Partner for Natural Church Development (NCD) UK, guided church leaders from across the South England Conference through the NCD introduction training on 8-9 March 2016.

The programme focuses on the impact of church health on church growth; looking at issues that limit church health, learning how to address those matters, and watching natural growth released.

According to Chetcuti, investing in church health is vital Discussion During Trainingto the Seventh-day Adventist movement, as the Church is looking to not only provide a great worship environment for its members but actually to be a significant influence in the local community.

"Seeing people reach for the Kingdom of God, seeing people come and engage in a living relationship with Jesus Christ, seeing them disciple, involved in a lifelong journey of discipleship, and so on. Church health is at the heart of everything that Seventh-day Adventist churches are about", said Chetcuti.

The aim of the two-day training event held at the Stanborough Centre and organised by the SEC Church Growth department, was to empower attendees to realise their potential and to help the church as a whole to reach its potential, both as a worshipping community and as a key influence for the Kingdom in the local community.

NCD started over 30 years ago, when a German theologian, Christian Schwarz, researched over 1,000 churches worldwide across all denominations. He identified eight areas of quality that were always stronger in churches that were growing than in those that had plateaued or were in decline.

An essential part of this long-term strategy is to, in every church under the guidance of leaders, annually analyse and try to gauge how healthy the church is in certain areas. From this, the whole church can work together and see their strengths and weaknesses and strategize on what will help the church develop as they move forward.

"It's like a tool. If I find out what are the strengths of the church and Rev. Lynn Chetcuti, National Partner of NCD-UKwhat the weaknesses of the church are, I can possibly use the strengths to help out at the weak points", said Sidney Almeida, pastor of the Peterborough Seventh-day Adventist church.

"Continue to build on your weaknesses, celebrate your strength, of course, and ultimately just improve the maximum health of your church", said Simon Martin, SEC Church Growth director.



[Natasha Mirilov]


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