10th March 2017

Wycombe Community and Connect2Serve, a local charity, hosted an amazing special Mental Health Awareness Day event at Christ the Servant King Church, High Wycombe on Sabbath 4 March.

The local authority and different organisations such as the NHS, Bucks County Council, Thames Valley Police, Prevention Matters, Wycombe Homeless Connection, Smoking Cessation, Wycombe Minds, Live Well-Stay Well, Hope UK, Healthy Minds, and Khepera cameSAM_2674 to support the programme.

Discussions were held on Dementia Awareness, Cyber Bullying, and Female Genital Mutilation for the local community and to give something back to the community.

One of the highlights of the day was a church member, Leroy King, who gave a talk on his experience suffering with manic psychosis.  The Mental Health Awareness focused on how the local community can live a full life even though many people may be suffering from different forms of mental illnesses.

The Wycombe Adventist Youth showed the children how to live a healthy lifestyle with interactive demonstrations which had the children enthralled.

Connect2Serve offered free health checks, including questions on health and diet, a simple finger-prick cholesterol test and BMI checks while height, weight and blood pressure measures were taken by qualified medical doctors and nurses. 

Many guests and visitors were well looked after by the Connect2Serve team, providing them lunch and refreshments and showing the surrounding community that they care.

"I find this innovative for our churches to be able to do this on a Sabbath.  This is exactly what I want our churches to20170304_101655 do.  I believe we spend a lot of time feeding ourselves inside the church, but we are not doing anything for the community.  I believe that days like this will enable the community to come and see us to see who we are", said Malika Bediako, SEC Community Services director.

"We aim to continue with special programmes like this one, to reach out to the community and to help others who may benefit from listening to various talks given on the day and meeting different organisations", said David Da Silva, Connect2Serve organiser.

Connect2Serve is a local charity, connecting directly with individuals from the community who needs help offering services in gardening, DIY and cleaning completely free of charge.

[David Da Silva and Sonia Lee]


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