3rd July 2014

A lupus patient from Redbridge, London, returned to the King George Hospital, in Ilford this week to say a special thank you to the doctor who allowed her to attend a respite weekend, despite her seriously deteriorating health. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can affect any part of the body. Previously it had affected her lungs giving her pleurisy and at the time she was suffering severe pain due to bilateral trochanteric bursitis. The patient, Ruth Peason, arrived at the training session, 'Overcoming Emotional Baggage', at De Vere Horsely Park in a mobility scooter on the Friday, unable to walk unless escorted and with her walking stick. She left on Sunday able to walk out the door unaided.

What had caused the change? On the Saturday evening, in the middle of a singing session, Ruth was prayed for and immediately the use of her legs was restored. At the time of the healing she first walked, then ran, and then danced. The following morning she told the site manager about her healing and what had taken place on his premises. Staff had noticed the difference.

The receptionist on duty replied 'I thought it was you?' The day before she had told Ruth to be careful as she was escorted through the mopped lobby to go swimming. Then on Sunday she could not believe she was seeing the same lady walking and dancing down that same corridor as she left her room.

Ruth returned home. A few days later during her physiotherapy session with the NHS Intensive Rehab Service, she and the physiotherapist looked at each other in awe when they both discovered that she was able to take a deep breath. He had already moved her from the Level 2 exercises given to her on the Friday to the Level 4 exercises the following Tuesday.

The healing was still not finished. Prior to attending the weekend Ruth was a pesco-vegetarian. However she now has to eat a vegan diet and her senses of smell, taste and touch have become more acute. She feels so much healthier due to her new exercise programme and diet.

Asked about why she thought the healing had taken place Ruth explained that this had been her second admission to the same hospital in weeks. "As I recovered from the first flare I returned to my love of writing. I wrote three devotional readings, the first called 'Listening to Your Voice' to give out as gifts. This devotional poem encourages us as individuals to start listening to each other as this will improve our relationships in the home, in our schools and work places and ultimately society." She is thankful that as she has written for God, God has been good to her, both in her illness and now in her healing.

The beginning of her devotional asks, "How many of us actually listen to the person we are having a conversation with? Really listen? Not just to the actual words they are saying but also to the hidden language that is often referred to as 'body language'?" She gave this poem and a second one 'Be a Good Witness' to the doctor, as a special thank you gift.

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