12th January 2017

Three young precious souls waved goodbye to 2016 by giving their life to Jesus on 31 December, the last Sabbath of the year. Pastor Bernard Akakpo encouraged the candidates to ride the storms of life that they will face in their Christian walk and to remember that they will be tested even at church because the enemy also attends services, in an attempt to discourage and distract us from God's light!

The pastor comforted the candidates with God's promises that a day will come when all the trials and tribulations of this life will be forgotten when we enter the Promised Land to live with Him in Heaven. He warned them to hold on to Christ no matter what trials and tribulations they face in this life.

Young Matthew McDonald at the tender age of thirteen was eager to give his life to the Lord. Pastor Akakpo commended his parents for providing him with sound Christian teaching at home, and remarked on his astounding knowledge of the Bible. Elizabeth had been eager to trouble the waters since last year: having received the truth from another young member; she had to wait until she turned eighteen, at which time her parents gave their blessing for her to enter the church family. Now a teenager, Jane had grown up in a devout Pentecostal family, but after being invited to Plumstead Adventist church by one of her peers, she heard about the significance of the Sabbath as an identifying marker of God's remnant church for the first time. She said that the sermon had left her speechless and she has not looked back since faithfully attending church and Bible studies.

Pastor Akakpo commended the young members for their ceaseless witnessing to their peers about the love of God, and the dedication of the Personal Ministries department to nurture the enthusiasm of the candidates and new members. Heaven celebrated with us on that beautiful Sabbath morning as we welcomed them into our church family as we all look forward to seeing Jesus when He returns to take us home.

[Angela Lewis]


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