Plymouth Youth Day and Charity Concert

7th December 2017

Plymouth church had a long and busy day last Sabbath, 2 December, hosting a Youth Day through the morning and afternoon and a Christmas fundraising concert in the evening.

The church was full of youth from across Area 1 who also participated in the day's activities. Glessy Guilas, took the Sabbath School lesson for the youth and guided the group through a very interesting study on temptation, which sparked a lot of discussion and reminded everyone that sin is a choice and temptations can be ignored and overcome.

Like Sabbath School the main service was led by the youth of Plymouth church and featured a special musical item from the youth of Bodmin church. Chidza, from Exeter church, took the children's story and kept them engaged by demonstrating that, like pancakes, we need the right ingredients in our lives to be effective.

The speaker for the day was Tim Secong, Youth leader at Yeovil Adventist church, in Area 2. IMG_8382Inspired by a recent conference he spoke about; how the global Church is struggling to connect with people today, issues within the Church and strategies to move forward. The whole congregation was engrossed as Tim shared some hard-hitting truths highlighting that we need to be more engaging with culture without reflecting it. He also suggested we need to engage people individually by being more diverse in our way of communication as people learn in different ways, i.e. visually, verbally, physically or aurally. Ultimately, we must remember that the message we share doesn't change, only the way we share it with others.

After fellowship lunch the LIVE St Austell team led worship before the afternoon's activities began. Glessy and Joy Yutoc, organised biblical hands-on team games with the purpose of bringing everyone closer together. The games IMG_8565included Bible verse Chinese whispers and acting out the Nativity and Daniel in the Lion's Den.

In the evening Plymouth church once again opened its doors and hosted its second Christmas fundraising concert for an ongoing project in Moldova. This past summer saw a group of youth travel to Moldova to help renovate two homes. The group had a fantastic time and with help from the locals, successfully accomplished the work they had planned to do. One house, the home of Helena and her granddaughter Andrea, received windows and doors but remained unfinished. The youth decided there and then that they wanted to 'adopt' Helena's house by continuing to raise funds and see her home completed as soon as possible. There is still a lot of work to do including rendering the outer walls, plastering the inner walls, building a kitchen and bathroom as well as simple things such as installing a handrail for the staircase.

Christmas for Moldova Part 2 saw friends and family gather for a lively evening of Christmas carols. With the church festively decorated, the concert got underway with Pastor Herman taking the microphone once again to host the evening's acts. First on the programme were Gemma and Jackie Hall who sang beautifully 'What Child is This?' and 'Merry Christmas Everyone'. Other acts included a powerful solo performance from Caleb Blackburn and a sweet melodic medley from Matthew and Meghan Herman. Steve and Jena Hulbert performed two songs first telling the Nativity from Joseph's point of view and then Mary's with 'Mary did you Know?'.

Once again the IMG_8373audience was stunned by the powerful voice of Jess Cooper accompanied by Matthew Herman on the piano. Together they performed three carols flawlessly holding the audience in stunned silence.

Daniel Costin (event organiser and saxophonist) and Denis Budaev (pianist) also performed several songs and entertained the audience with a fun, festive rendition of Feliz Navidad to bring the concert to a close.

After the show refreshments were provided including traditional Moldovan dishes such as plăcintă, sarmale and cakes donated by Lila Gustul De Acasa.

The day's events brought everyone in Area 1 closer together with representatives from all but one of the churches present. The evening concert was a big hit and raised £433.92 to continue renovations at Helena's house.

The youth of Plymouth church would like to thank everyone who came and participated in the Youth Day and Christmas concert and greatly appreciate all contributions generously donated. Photographs and information on future events can be found on the Plymouth church website.

[Jennie Hall]


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