1st September 2017

'Reconnecting with the family of God' was the theme of Hackney's Homecoming Day on Sabbath 26 August 2017. In anticipation of a bigger congregation the special day was held at the All Saints Church, not too far away from the Hackney Seventh-day Adventist church where many who attended were invited to return home to their 'first love'.

A mime performance by Hackney's children to the gospel song Changed (Never going back) had the audience captivated, while a rendition of Amazing Grace sung by Joel Otokpa accompanied by his twin brother, Daniel, on the trumpet, prepared hearts and minds for the message which followed.

In a passionate message entitled From Egypt to Canaan – Hackney's pastor, Pastor-Joojo-BonnieJoojo Bonnie encouraged those who had returned home to never look back and instead keep their eyes firmly focused on the one who redeemed them from sin. Expounding on the Children of Israel's often testing journey from Egypt to Canaan, Pastor Bonnie said encouragingly, "If we have a God who could hear the cry of Israel after the death of Joseph (under whom they had a period of peace and prosperity) then how much more us. God sent a deliverer (in Moses) to lead the Children of Israel out of bondage and is more than willing and able to do the same for His children today."

The Hackney choir then sung the soul-stirring The Potter's House which reminded the congregation that they are to Stephen-Dominic-Ellery-on-Saxophonegive the Potter (God) the fragments of their broken lives knowing that He, as Creator, wants to put the broken pieces back together again.

The day concluded with a musical based on the story of the Prodigal Son but with a The-Prodigal-Pastortwist, the prodigal being a pastor who having spent most of his time with his flock failed to realise his neglect of his family and the adverse impact it would have in his ministry and home life.

The lessons learnt from the day's event was a reminder that we live in a world where connectivity is important – be it on our phones, computers, or social networking platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. But while the global impact of such connectivity is becoming a common trend in this age, it is often to the detriment of face-to-face relationships particularly within the home which can then lead to superficial relationships being formed in the Church and with God.

The Homecoming message was one that while we live in this busy age, it is important to take a step back to assess where we are and where we are heading to. With all that plagues the world today – the disasters, the terrorism and chaos in the political sphere, we are reminded that the promise of Heaven is not too far away and that our Saviour – Jesus, desires all His children to reconnect to each other as He often did with His own Father whilst on this earth.

Hackney's Homecoming Day was one which will be long remembered with the hope of none ever again losing connection with the family of God.



[Darell Philip]


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