11th March 2016

The SEC School of Evangelism, Mission and Leadership (SoEML) Church Music and Worship Cohort held it’s first webinar led by by Professor Eurydice Osterman on the evening of Sunday 28 February 2016.

The inaugural webinar platform, which was ably administered by Pastor Vili Costescu, South England Conference Media Director, enabled Dr. Osterman to deliver the first of five presentations on church music and worship, entitled “Roots – Culture, Music and Worship.” Despite the usual technical hiccups, God came through to ensure that Dr. Osterman could see her presentation as she proceeded with the session.

“It was a great presentation.” “God be praised!” “Dr. Osterman has really brought this subject to life”. These were some of the responses typed in the message box at the webinar. 

The presenter, using her own personal experience as an example, highlighted how Seventh-day Adventist churches around the world, had set hymns, that used to be a regular feature in the worship service, back. In its place were songs that were ‘beautiful and melodious’, some of which Dr. Osterman herself appreciated. However, these songs were pronoun free, presenting a crossover from the explicit reference to ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ to ‘him’ and ‘you’. According to the lecturer, the music makers preferred to present their songs without reference to the Godhead which could meet the needs of a wider audience not just Christians. 

While presenting this information to viewers, Dr. Osterman was precise in ensuring that her presentation did not condemn the music that did not mention the name of God and Jesus. She provided scriptural references for each point she posed and encouraged attendees to think on the information provided and come to their own conclusions. 

During the Question & Answer segment, Osterman was posed with a questions that considered “lifting up holy hands” and the reference in the presentation to the use of the sign of the goat horn that was spreading through some Christian circles. Dr. Osterman explained that holy hands should indeed be lifted up in worship to God. Students were admonished not to fall into the trap of adopting established hand signs or gestures especially if their meaning was not known.

SoEML leaders say that this Church Music and Worship cohort is not just about music, it goes deeper to the essence of Seventh-day Adventist beliefs and the fact that there is a war going on for the souls of mankind. 1 Peter 5:8 alerts to the fact that humans are in a supernatural environment. The great controversy rages on. So the questions asked is: “Whose side are you leaning on?” 

[Chucks Golding]


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