28th November 2013

A Welsh Mission Women's Ministries retreat took place, 8-10 November in the beautiful and peaceful grounds of Belmont Abbey, Hereford. The focus for the weekend was 'Moving Forward with the Holy Spirit'. Guest speaker, Malika Bediako, SEC Women's Ministries director, left us in no doubt that the Holy Spirit is very much alive and active as she shared stories about herself and other people with whom she has worked.

Paulette Marceny, from London, added music as she sang three solos on Sabbath morning. The work of the Holy Spirit in hearts and minds, the appropriate words of the songs and awesome tone of Paulette's voice moved us to tears. 

We praised and prayed and on Sabbath evening, as Elva Bryan played her guitar, we sang, danced for joy and bonded like never before as the Holy Spirit continued to touch our hearts and whisper words of love to each of us.

[Jennifer Rowell, Welsh Mission Women's Ministries Sponsor]

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