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Music & Worship Philosophy

The music philosophy (“The Love of Wisdom”) of the South England Conference (SEC) is based on the foundation of a Bible-based education programme, designed to prepare music practitioners and other supporting ministries, to develop a Spirit-led approach towards music for Worship, Evangelism, and Enterprise.  This philosophy is built on learning and improvement to offer the highest service to God and those who are ‘teachable' will gain the most from it. 

Music and worship are eternal and, as far as possible, we should seek to perfect on earth that which we will be doing throughout eternity.  Those who minister before the Lord in this way are under an obligation to usher the worshippers into the presence of the Lord where they can express their worship and find peace and joy. 

The SEC Music and Worship ministry recognises that music, even when divinely inspired, is a human, cultural production. In other words, music can only be produced through the limitation, yet creative space, of one's culture. Therefore, the highest ideals of one's culture ought to be promoted and encouraged to produce the best artistic expression.


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