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As with all major organisations, finance has a critical role to play in the smooth-running of the South England Conference, as well as in the local church. The Treasury Department acts as steward of all the money contributed to the Conference. Such funds are used to finance the important ministries of the Conference, pay employees and maintain church properties. Annual financial statements of the Conference are posted on the department’s page and are publicly reviewed at Conference Sessions, which are held every four years.

The Treasury Department arranges financial audits of local churches to provide accountability to local church boards. The department also works as an intermediary between insurance companies and local churches, providing insurance for local church events. Daily department processes include handling invoices and payments (disbursements) on behalf of the Conference, Conference departments and churches.

Each church has two financial admin roles that are voted in and by each church. They are named, ‘Conference Treasurer’ and ‘Local Treasurer’. The ‘Conference Treasurer’ processes tithe and offerings received from the local church members and reports directly to the Treasury Department at the South England Conference. The 'Local Treasurer' is in charge of taking care of local church finances, for example, local church bank accounts and producing regular, financial reports for the local church boards.

Every two years, the department holds a residential, training retreat for both ‘Conference Treasurers’ and ‘Local Treasurers’ and is provided to give training, support and work through challenges.

Annual financial statements of the Conference are posted on the Treasury Department’s page on this website, visit this page for quarterly and yearly documents.

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