14th January 2016

Over 1600 people attended the South England Conference Evangelism Expo at Newbold College on Sunday, 10 January. Officials say it was the largest attended expo in the history of the conference. Members enjoyed walking through the college as they attended different training presentations in the various buildings on site. 

SEC President Dr Richard de Lisser said that "Evangelism, Everyone, Everywhere (EEE)" was the vision for this quadrennium. "EEE should be at the heart of everyone, starting with ourselves and those close to us, then our local community, and finally global", said de Lisser. "I want to see everyone taking part in evangelism." He then went on to share plans for the large evangelistic campaign due to take place later this year in September, in collaboration with Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN).

Representing 3ABN at the expo were President and CEO Danny Shelton, Pastor John Lomacang, Pastor C A Murray and Dr Yvonne Lewis.

One visitor shared how excited they were to attend and "see the faces I normally see on 3ABN." He added, "it is also good to see that they are here to encourage us and equip us on how to get the Word of God to everyone."

"We have a special message", said Shelton as he told the story of how he started 3ABN. "I wanted everyone to know the truth and spread the three angels' messages. God has called each one of us to do something great; we just have to ask for the Lord's leading. London has been impressed upon our hearts; that is why we are here."

The day was dedicated to empowering local churches and their members for evangelism. "If God could use the twelve disciples to spread the good news, how much more can SEC EXPO STAGE POSTERSHe do with all the Adventists in the SEC?" Lomacang asked in his opening sermon. "God is bound to accomplish great things if His people are willing to preach His Word."

Antonio Belgrave, SEC Strategic coordinator, said that the Conference is inviting churches to work out how EEE can apply to them by building a more nurturing, a more relevant, a more spiritually hungry, and a more resourceful church. "Local churches will have to be responsible for creating the kind of church they want to see", said Belgrave. "The Conference is committed to giving all the support that is needed."

Ashley Philip, an attendee from Harlow Central Seventh-day Adventist church, attended the Community Services & Children's Crèche training led by Malika Bediako. Philip said the training was conducted in such a way that it allowed participation and encouraged asking questions. "One of the things Ms Bediako encouraged is that we do not judge our children", said Mrs Philip. "This training has been useful as I have now taken on leadership of the Adventurer Club in my church. I will be using all the skills I have learnt!"

The 3ABN team blessed the attendees with a concert at the end of the programme. As Dr de Lisser stood to say his closing remarks, a spirit of unity was felt within the hall. When he asked the question "are you fired up?" mimicking the video he had just shown of President Barack Obama, the response from the congregation was "ready to go!" This was truly an affirmation of the SEC's commitment to evangelism.VISITORS

[Judith Makaniankhondo]

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