28th January 2016

On Sabbath, 23 January the London Hispanic and Portuguese churches met EEE1together to prepare for a large evangelistic campaign to be held 29 October to 5 November 2016. The principal speaker for the campaign will be Pastor Alejandro Bullón, a well-known preacher and former Ministerial Association director and evangelist for the South American Division. "This evangelistic campaign is our way of taking Evangelism, Everyone, Everywhere (EEE) forward", said Pastor Wilson Lagos, pastor of South London and South East London Hispanic churches.

"We are excited about our 'Evangelismo, Cada Uno Y Por Doquier' (the Spanish version of EEE), EEE3our plan is to bring 100 souls to the kingdom, by the mercy and glory of the Lord through this campaign", said Pastor Lagos. He added that he was also happy with the support, advice and prayers they are receiving from the South England Conference President, Dr Richard de Lisser and the Officers.

Before drawing up the plans for the campaign, the pastors committed themselves to prayer. They also spent time reading Ellen G White's books on evangelism. "As church leaders, we prayed that God will show us how to be part of EEE, and I am delighted that God has revealed to us the way to go", said Pastor Rafael Luz of the Portuguese Central, South East Portuguese and CAYA churches. "EEE is for everyone and so is this campaign, and we will welcome people from all walks of life", he added.

The outreach is divided into three phases and is inclusive of all church members. The first EEE4phase which started on Sabbath is Everyone ‒ church members are to choose five people near to them and lift them up in prayer; and then by the end of May, they will invite them to start Bible studies, either in person, on DVDs or some other format.

The second phase will take place on the three Sabbaths before the campaign. The pastors will encourage members, to go to the hubs of Hispanic and Portuguese people around London (for example; Elephant and Castle, Camberwell, Brixton, and Seven Sisters) and give out leaflets, DVDs and literature. The campaign's last phase will be at the Advent Centre from 29 October to 4 November where Pastor Alejandro Bullón will preach, alongside daily activities such as singing, praying, and other presentations. Finally, on Sabbath 5 November there will be a Day of Fellowship and worship including a musical concert, and a large baptism to culminate the outreach programme.

Pastor Lagos reflects on the challenges of planning for the campaign: "It will be a daily fight against the forces of evil and by the grace of God, the church will prevail 'and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it'." The planning was witnessed and supported by SEC Media director, Pastor Vili Costescu. Encouraging the massed congregations, Pastor Costescu said: "No one will be sidelined for this project, rather, we would like to see everyone everywhere actively involved with this evangelistic programme."

[Judith Makaniankhondo]

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