31st July 2013

On Monday, 22 July, students from across the South England Conference gathered at Chapel Porth Adventist Camp Site, on the North Coast of Cornwall, for the first ever SEC Student Camp, organised by the Teens Ministries Department.

"I was so happy to be invited to lead worship for the few days we were together," enthused Steven Hulbert, leader of the St Austell Project. "I always know that when the Teens Director, Dejan, and his team are running an event it is going to be good, active and full of Jesus."

Pastor Sam Neves challenged the students to question their faith
Pastor Sam Neves challenged the students to question their faith
Sam Neves, pastor of the Wimbledon International Adventist Church, shared Biblical stories in a different light during the worship periods. He gave everyone something new to understand, from the Creation of all things to the Kingdom of God. He questioned how these things affect everyone here and now and also how this understanding of God and the Kingdom determines what kind of university students the young people will be.

Prayer and testimonies were a major part of the worship. Youth and counsellors alike agreed it was an empowering experience, especially hearing others’ stories of how God has been at work in their lives.

Everyone got suited up for a team-building paintballing session
Everyone got suited up for a team-building paintballing session

A camp in Cornwall would not be complete without visits to the beach, a 12 mile mountain bike ride, (some made it 16,) and the opportunity to target new friends in the relationship building activity of paintballing.

The Camp was ingeniously designed to encourage the young people through their walk with God during university. Having seen how many young people enter university life with blossoming faith and leave a few years later having lost it, the week was important to the Teens Department. It acted as a place to come together to share experiences, struggles and advice. 

One counsellor described it as "a place to network, to focus and to prepare your mind and soul. It is a place to laugh together, to cry and a chance to find strength."

Don’t miss out on this innovative camp next year! If you are a student at university make sure you sign up; let your friends know and help change university from a godless place to part of God’s place.

For more information, contact SEC Teens Director, Dejan Stojkovic at:

[Steven Hulbert]

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