Hackney Welcomes Student Pastor

30th November 2018

A big welcome was made to Hackney’s Student Pastor! Elder Japheth Obese-Amankwah comes to Hackney from the London Ghana Seventh-Day Adventist Church along with his wife and son. He was introduced to the church by Hackney's Pastor - Joojo Bonnie - during the One Life: We Can Make a Difference Revival with American Evangelist - Pastor John Parker. He will be studying at Newbold College for the ministry while officiating in Hackney. Elder Japheth is a qualified accountant with a passion for personal, community and youth ministries.

In his first message (on Sabbath 24th November 2018) entitled Jesus at Ministry, Elder Japheth took a journey through Luke 7 where we see Jesus at work in the community. First there was the centurion. Elder Japheth said: “The Centurion was a humble leader. He was also a man of faith. The faith we put in God can bring healing to our sin sick souls. The Church is called to break down barriers in order for souls to be won for Christ.”

The chapter then moves on to the compassion Jesus demonstrated towards the Widow of Nain in raising her son to life. “Like Jesus, the church is called to reach out to the community and offer a helping hand,” said Elder Japheth. He added: “Jesus told the disciples of John the Baptist to return to his cell, declaring what they had seen being done. God has a work for all of us to do through faith and determination in Him. We are to look beyond the distractions and stumbling blocks the enemy puts in our way and focus on Jesus - the author and finisher of our faith.”

Elder Japheth concluded his message with the account of Mary Magdalene – a woman who was much forgiven and so gave much in return as a thank offering to her Lord and redeemer. “God does so much for us but what do we give in return?” said Elder Japheth. He then concluded his message by saying:  “As the year comes to an end we should take time to consider the many ways God has blessed us. We in return must consider ways in which we too can be a blessing to others. God has called the church to do good to people because that's what Jesus did. For when we help others, then our living is not in vain.”

[Darell J Philip]

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